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Places you can find me:

Fanfiction.net: Here
Archive of Our Own: Here
Deviant Art: Here
Dreamwidth: Here
Tumblr: Here

A side note: I'm happy to friend back people, but I must know you either from posting comments or other communities (LJ, deviantART, fanfiction.net, etc.)

So, comment! I don't bite. I just want to know it's not robots reading my f-locked personal entries (which are mainly lame rants). ^_^


I've been so distant this past year it feels like, literally dropping most of the things that I used to enjoy and fangirl about. I haven't drawn anything except terrible squiggles. I love other people's work like I love air, but I just can't feel the same way about anything I try to do where I'd just have fun. My writing isn't much better, but been managing small drabbles here and there. It's disheartening.

I've mostly been sticking around on Tumblr and slowly pecking away at KakaSaku drabbles here and there. Every time I look at Reason, I feel very guilty from the lack of updates. It seems stupid how I can mange a random 4k Oneshot and barely hash out anything for the one thing I do care about the most in just wanting to finish. I want to make it to the end so I can work on these other ideas I've had stuck in my head for the past two years now.

But idk, there's certain parts that's very much tied to my own life and it's a reminder. It's a stupid thing for me to do to myself. I'm tired of feeling so empty.

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Arrives Late with Starbucks

I break this random hiatus to bring gifts of doodley KakaSaku fanart and rusty writings:

Artly Doodle Name: Home
See @ DeviantART

Fic Things:

[ FF or A03 ] Heart on a String - Oneshot / KakaSaku. Kakashi tries to find the perfect gift. Dedicated to my dear friend Sunblaze24.

[ FF or A03 ] Reason - Chapter 46 / KakaSaku. Kakashi tries to find the perfect gift. Dedicated to my dear friend Sunblaze24.

Bonus (Arriving late with Konohabucks early in the morning):

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Trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's been a heavy couple of weeks for me (just when I was hanging my hopes to have a decent 2014). Hopefully things will get better there. Seriously the only way I can cope is doing something creative, so hoping I can back back into either writing or doodling.

Belated Happy Birthdays!

I've been meaning to post in general, but man, it's always on the last of my do-to list at the end of the day and I never seem to get to it. u_u

I fail so hard working full time (which uh yeah, been wanting to post about my new job I got nearly 2-3 months ago), and there's people who work f/t, go to school and have kids. I feel like a loser. @_@ Ugh.

Anyway! So I noticed an insane amount of people on my f-list who had b-days in August, so just wanted to a belated happpyyyy birthdayyyyyy to youuuuuu guys:


I'm Alive, I Swear

I've been finally catching up with my fandom writing. (yay)

Reason is such a long WIP, and although I've enjoyed it, I kind of feel like the overall response of where I'm going with it isn't that positive (or maybe just tired of it). rambling on...Collapse )

Anyhoo, while I haven't been super active on LJ/DW lately, I know I stalk tumblr way too much. The KakaSaku community on there is great (and there's just so many great artists, I mainly drool over their art and wonder how they do what they do).

If you're on tumblr, I'd stalk the KakaSaku tag if you want to see some great art and even writing that's not posted on FF or AO3.

I need to redo my blog layout and set up my tags for viewing pleasure drool sake. (My collection of Kakashi in glasses is just superbbb). :p

Donno if I'll manage to finish some small WIPs I'm doing soon, but we'll see how it goes. Even though I technically have more time on my hands, I'm pretty terrible without a set schedule in my life right now when it comes to dedicating time to fandom things. Hopefully I can fix that in the future. t_t


Artly and MIA


I finished my KakaSaku Disney Challenge entry a few days ago. You can check it out over this way. Sadly not many people entered the contest like in the previous ones... but eh, what can you do.


In other news, random spur of the moment vacations = the best.


I’m flying out of state (first time on my own, too, weee), so I won’t be around for a few days until Friday. If you live around Orlando and feel your heart go doki-doki, then you’re feeling a KakaSaku sister presence. Embrace the feelsss. :p

This means I’m even more behind on fanfiction updating (and I feel oodles amount of guilt because I hate taking so long. Now I’ll be way overdue and I’m sorry. t_t ). Next update will most likely be two weeks or less from now.
I really appreciate the kind comments though from the past few weeks. I say this a lot, but I appreciate the patience. >_<

A Pocket of Drabbles - Update

A Pocket of Drabbles - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (part 4)

Prompt 45: Kakashi finds love amidst a war. (warning manga spoilers) [ part 4 ]

Dump pot of my KakaSaku drabbles. Rating and Genre may vary for each prompt.

FF | AO3

Quickie Doodle ~ KakaSaku


You can find more information/bigger picture on where this stemmed from on deviantART.

Kakashi Fanart




Finished! Me and my glasses fetish loved how this came out. See bigger picture on: deviantART





Okay, finally been feeling up to tweaking artly things. I edited the original lines and added some flat base color:


I feel pleased with it so far, which is nice to feel personally happy about one of my creations for once. Or maybe it's just my recent glasses fetish tendencies loving it more than usual. Either way, it's a rare thing for me.

Previous WIP lines to compare:


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