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I'm Alive, I Swear

I've been finally catching up with my fandom writing. (yay)

Reason is such a long WIP, and although I've enjoyed it, I kind of feel like the overall response of where I'm going with it isn't that positive (or maybe just tired of it). I know it's a far cry from where the beginning started from (which could use a rewrite, but that'd require me moving chapters around which just isn't on my to-do list). This was my intention from the start, but perhaps there's just too many things going on as a whole, but I don't know. I had the choice of wrapping up it two chapters ago, but I wanted to shoot for my original idea... even if that meant dragging it out even more.

Anyway, despite how I feel about it, I am just trying to keep things mind of what I should or shouldn't do in future stories. There's a few people who've really liked some parts, and that's really all I can ask for. I'm not sure if I'll ever make anything I like from start to finish, but only time can tell.

So, I'm still trying to stay committed with it though I'm itching to move on to new projects. I know it really doesn't matter what I do with it in the end. It's just fanfiction that could be better. I'm not just saying that to bash my writing, but I just honestly think so.

Anyhoo, while I haven't been super active on LJ/DW lately, I know I stalk tumblr way too much. The KakaSaku community on there is great (and there's just so many great artists, I mainly drool over their art and wonder how they do what they do).

If you're on tumblr, I'd stalk the KakaSaku tag if you want to see some great art and even writing that's not posted on FF or AO3.

I need to redo my blog layout and set up my tags for viewing pleasure drool sake. (My collection of Kakashi in glasses is just superbbb). :p

Donno if I'll manage to finish some small WIPs I'm doing soon, but we'll see how it goes. Even though I technically have more time on my hands, I'm pretty terrible without a set schedule in my life right now when it comes to dedicating time to fandom things. Hopefully I can fix that in the future. t_t