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Small Update

Graphic Artly Thing


I had some photoshop fun last night with this screenshot I took. Turned into this:


Can find a bigger pix on dA.



Fanfiction Things


Part 3, A Pocket of Drabbles: Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (warning manga spoilers)

I really wanted to make a final part and be done with it, but it might turn into two more. *head slams against desk repeatedly*


Reason Chapter 43: Turning Point






I guess leafytoo's LJ has been deleted. Like many KakaSaku-goers, I'm a fan of leafygirl's works. I was in the middle of reading The Last Hirameki and I didn't get to catch up which to my knowledge was only posted on her LJ.

I see she changed her FF name as well... I hope it's not a sign that account might be deleted, too? A shame, if so...

It's her choice and I respect that, but I'll come out and say it makes me very sad. t_t



So... I signed up for the song challenge at KakaSaku LJ and I'm technically a day-ish late to submit something as an entry unless by some miracle there's an extension, but I'll still post it here anyway. I'll throw this in my drabble collection on FF/AO3 once I finish the mini part series I'm doing currently working on.

My song prompt was Owl City's "Firefly". It's personally a song I really like. ^_^

LyricsCollapse )

It's kind of a feel good sounding song, but I attached my interpretation into the lyrics. I took the prompt into emo-land, because lately that's what I do with everything lately. t_t


( warning: character death // unbetaed // 624 words )

Sweat rolled over Kakashi’s brow, stinging his vision for a moment until he blinked the minor discomfort away. Holding in his breath as he listened to his surroundings, he could faintly hear the sway of trees that creaked into the night within the mixed chirps of crickets.

Taking the opportunity of a cool gust of wind bursting through the very branches he was perched on, he shifted his stance lower into a crouch, trailing his callused fingertips against the rough bark.

The chilled night’s air felt good against what little exposed skin he did have. Completely rolling down his sleeves to mask his fair skin even further into depths of the dark, his clothes felt dirty and damp with sweat. He couldn’t remember the last time he had the luxury of a hot shower since the Fourth War started, but frankly it was one of the last things he could care less about right now. Any honorable shinobi would feel the same. Winning this war was the only priority for the sake of protecting not just Konoha, but humanity itself.

A loud eruption shook the tree, triggering a flurry of falling leaves as he jolted up in alert.

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Oh, writing progress.

God how I've missed you.

Happy Valentine's Day

You can find a bigger version over this way.

Hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day. :)

Random Kakashi WIP


So, I've becoming increasingly obsessed with the idea of Kakashi wearing glasses. It started with this fanart: [link]

Then  moodiful819 made a cute drabble inspired ficlet: [link]

And now I've completely broken down and started to sketch even though I really shouldn't. Ahhhh. God, help me.

So Long, Lonesome

See bigger version on: deviantART

I've been making a KakaSaku drabble series around the manga lately based on Kakashi's past, present and future. I still need to update another part if/when I stop procrastinating the freelance project, but I have these out so far:

Part 1: How Strange, Innocence

Part 2: The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

They are pretty angst heavy. I've been in that kind of mood lately.

In other news, I was just told this morning that my last day at work is this Friday.

LifeCollapse )

Eh, oops.

So, for those who don't know, you can say that my first fandom is InuYasha. That was my gateway drug into anime. I never had been motivated to make fanfiction or decent fanart for it, BUT I did waste a bunch of my time to make this:

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Ah, well.

On a side note, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!


Finally started a pix I've been thinking about for awhile now. I'm not sure where I'm inputting stuff yet, but just a rough idea!

I really do think I have an obsession with mirrors:

I'm trying a new program to do lineart this time. Not 100% sure what I'm doing, but I like how easy it is I can change pressure on lines.

Not sure when I'll get to touch this again, but I least feel semi-accomplished putting something down.

This World...

I live in the US and... seriously... today and the previous shooting days earlier. I don't think my heart can take anymore.

I just have no words.

Just sadness.